Social Deprivation

Social Deprivation Increases Risk of Chronic Diseases Such as PAD For Diabetics

A recent study published in Diabetes Care highlighted the relationship between social deprivation and the incidence of diabetes-related foot disease, including lower-extremity amputation, peripheral artery disease, and peripheral neuropathy. This population-based retrospective cohort used data from 2005 through 2019, analyzing the presence of disease based on a quintile analysis through Read more…

African-American nurse taking notes during visit with African-American patient

African-Americans in areas with low rates of diagnosed PAD at higher risk of amputation

At the Society for Vascular Surgery’s online Scientific Session 8, Mark Eid, MD presented a talk called, “Racial and regional disparities in the prevalence of peripheral artery disease and diabetes and amputation rates among Medicare patients.” The research suggested that African-American patients living in areas where the diagnosed rates of Read more…

African-American getting tested for diabetes

Racial Disparities & PAD

An article published in FierceHealthcare highlighted the epidemic of peripheral artery disease (PAD),  and specifically how it impacts communities of color. The article, written by Foluso Fakorede, M.D. of Cardiovascular Solutions of Central Mississippi, and is focused on preventing some of the roughly 200,000 non-traumatic amputations that occur in the Read more…

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