Biomedix Xchange

Biomedix Xchange DiagramValue-based care’s first integrated, web-based service platform for population health, that seamlessly integrates best-in-class, point-of-care diagnostic testing technologies to help identify risk and care gaps, and manage polychronic member populations.

PADnet 4th GenerationThe most robust and easy-to-use PAD testing solution in the industry.

PADnet Xpress with laptop and screenshotThe quickest and most accurate cuff-less PAD screening device available.

BeamMed MiniOmniQuickly screen for osteoporosis by measuring bone density at the wrist or the finger.

Screen for diabetic retinopathy with a portable, hand-held fundus camera that includes a cloud-based services platform for remote interpretation.

EasyOne AirTest for COPD with a spirometry devices that don’t require calibration.

NeuroMetrix DPNCheckQuantitatively and objectively identifies peripheral neuropathy by measuring sural nurve conduction.

Electronic tuning forks to help identify peripheral neuropathy through vibration testing.