Collaborative Disease Management

Optimize Patient Outcomes By Driving Referrals

Collaborative Disease Management is a turn-key collaborative care program designed to find patients with vascular disease as early as possible in the community with PADnet. This program creates a seamless network connecting patients with the best specialists, leading to better treatment options for patients with disease.


This program incorporates many tools to reach out to practices and patients, including questionnaires, posters, exam guides, and sample press releases.

PADnet Connect

community with a front-line diagnostic tool that enables web-based collaboration for effective care coordination.

PADnet Read

Specialists receive demographic and diagnostic data from PADnet Connect accounts and provide their interpretation and recommendations.

Collaborative Disease Management Diagram

About Collaborative Disease Management

Network Reporting

Network Program Reporting provides secure login access to an online dashboard of all network activity, abnormality rates, physician usage and more across the network. These reports are also available in PDF, and longitudinal reporting can be generated for customers providing interventional data.

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