PADnet studies are typically performed by a medical assistant. Any staff member that knows how to use a blood pressure cuff will be able to use PADnet.

PADnet performed by a medical assistant


With PADnet, the testing technician just needs to gather the data through systolic blood pressures and PVRs, following your clinical protocols. PADnet automatically calculates ABIs and TBIs, as well as PVR amplitude, and test results can be sent to a nearby vascular specialist for interpretation and care coordination.

Senior woman experiencing leg pain

Improve patient outcomes

The 5-year mortality of someone with PAD (peripheral artery disease) is 30%1. Patients experiencing some of the early signs of PAD can be treated before the disease progresses, leading to better treatment options.

Optimize Practice Performance

PADnet can have a positive impact on your practice’s bottom line as well. Studies are reimbursable, and the diagnosis of PAD supports the prescription of diabetic shoes and orthotics.

Doctor examining patient feet for leg diseases
Diabetic foot examination

Prevent Diabetic Amputations

Peripheral artery disease and diabetes accounts for 54% of all amputations that occur in the United States2. Through PADnet, you can help prevent your patients from having to suffer an amuptation.

Bend the healthcare cost curve

PADnet is a unique solution, in that it can improve your bottom line while reducing healthcare costs. For example, the annual cost to care for an average Medicare beneficiary is $11,173, but that cost rises to more than $72,000 if the patient has PAD3. With PADnet you  lower healthcare costs through the early detection and management of this chronic condition.

Economic Impact of PAD

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