A scientific statement was recently published in Circulation highlighting the need to increase awareness of peripheral artery disease. 

Michael Criqui, MD, MPH commented, “There continues to be a glaring need to recognize and treat peripheral arterial disease in the United States“. 

The findings underscored the fact that lower-extremity PAD is a global health issue that has been systematically understudied and underappreciated by healthcare professionals and patients. 

The group cites a few reasons for this, including:

  • Limited availability of a front-line diagnostic test
  • Incorrect perceptions that leg vascular disease is not fatal
  • Belief that the diagnosis of PAD would not necessarily change clinical practice

The writing group said that “orchestrated efforts” are needed to increase awareness and understanding of PAD and improve the diagnostic approaches, management, and prognosis of PAD. 

"What has increasingly been recognized is that if an individual has blocked arteries in the legs, they're also very likely to have blocked arteries in the heart and the brain. PAD is a very strong independent predictor of having heart attacks and strokes and so it deserves attention for that reason alone."
Michael H. Criqui

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