Population Health For Value-Based Care Organizations

Biomedix Xchange is a unique population health management solution designed specifically for the value-based care space. Focusing on high-risk members in MAOs (Medicare Advantage Organizations) and ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations), Biomedix Xchange is designed to report on chronic conditions, behavioral health measures, and SDoH (Social Determinants of Health) in a single, unified patient encounter.

Biomedix Xchange screenshot

Flexible configuration and integration

This population health solution can exist in a standalone capacity, or be integrated for secure data exchange with EHRs and EMRs through industry-standard HL7 and FHIR interfaces.

Integrated technology stack

What sets Xchange apart from the competition is the ability to aggregate information through a single technology stack, enabling data collection from best-in-class diagnostic devices like PADnet Xpress, BeamMed MiniOmni, NeuroMetrix DPNCheck, and ndd Medical’s EasyOne® Air and Easy on-PC.

Longitudinal reporting

Xchange offers longitudinal reporting, enabling measures such as depression severity to be monitored over a period of time as well as the customization of treatment protocols to support optimized outcomes.

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