Woman stressed out at the office

Job stress raises PAD risk

The Journal of the American Heart Association recently published a study of 139,000 working adults, which found that job-related stress increased the chance of being hospitalized for peripheral artery disease. This retrospective study looked at 11 previous studies and found …


COVID-19 & Biomedix

We appreciate that many of you are experiencing unprecedented circumstances due to COVID-19. This is our first communication regarding this rapidly-developing situation, as we’ve spent the last week developing ways to assist as many of our customers in these unusual …

African-American getting tested for diabetes

Racial Disparities & PAD

An article published in FierceHealthcare highlighted the epidemic of peripheral artery disease (PAD),  and specifically how it impacts communities of color. The article, written by Foluso Fakorede, M.D. of Cardiovascular Solutions of Central Mississippi, and is focused on preventing some …

Women experience claudication

PAD & Intermittent Claudication

New study on PAD and claudication A recent study published in Endovascular Today examined patients experiencing symptomatic peripheral artery disease (PAD) and other associated adverse medical events such as amputations and myocardial infarction. The authors noted that only 20% – …

We will never forget

18 years ago today, America was forever changed by the events of 9/11.  Countless lives were changed forever, but the lives of many were saved by the brave and selfless actions of first responders and other heroes.