NDD Medical Technologies is a market leader in diagnosing lung disease such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  Features include:

  • Calibration-free digital ultrasound technology
  • Device self-checks before every patient
  • Accuracy meets or exceeds American Thoracic society standard +/-3%
  • Used in clinical research, occupational health, hospitals and physician offices worldwide
  • Animated incentives & coaching tool bar to help with better coaching and patient compliance
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Senior female with COPD
EasyOne Air

This portable device can be used when connected to a PC or laptop, or can be used in a standalone capacity, and data can be synced with a PC, then synced with the Biomedix Xchange population health management platform. A disposable, one-use FlowTube is used to prevent contamination to the sensor.

Easy-On PC

This device is designed to be plugged into a PC, offering a fully-integrated experience from the computer. It includes enhanced  provocation and challenge testing to streamline the coaching needed to produce consistent results. A disposable, one-use spirette is used to prevent contamination to the sensor.

Protecting cross-contamination from COVID-19

Inline filters for ndd Medical spirometersndd Medical spirometers feature optional inline filters to further protect patients and technicians keeping the ambient environment clean. 

These filters are compatible with both the EasyOne Air and Easy on-PC. These inline filters have fully passed 24 waveform tests as required by the ATS/ERS standard.

Biomedix Xchange and ndd Medical

Biomedix Xchange LogoThe Biomedix Xchange population health management platform is designed to help healthcare professionals focused on value-based care identify and track chronic conditions such as COPD.

We have carefully chosen best-in-class diagnostic devices to be hosted on our technology stack and feature ndd Medical’s EasyOne® Air and Easy on-PC spirometry solutions with seamless integration, enabling the diagnosis and care planning for multiple chronic conditions in a single patient record.

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