Finally, a new and innovative way to identify PAD

PADnet Xpress™ is a revolution in the way the PAD can be identified for population health efforts.

Unparalleled accuracy

Biomedix has more than 20 years of experience building systems that identify PAD. 

PADnet Xpress builds on this experience, with a database of over 1 million PAD tests.

This intelligence enables PADnet Xpress tests to be interpreted automatically, and deliver a diagnosis in real-time.

The ultimate in flexibility

Designed to be small enough to fit into a drawer or backpack, PADnet Xpress features a flexible standalone form factor that doesn’t require a laptop, because the software interface is built into the device.

PADnet Xpress includes an integrated battery to accommodate testing where power may not be available. No laptop is required to operate the device, the interface is built into the touchscreen interface of the device. No member data is required to perform a test.

Leverage the cloud

PADnet Xpress tests are automatically synced to the cloud. Users can add test and member data as needed, and print studies. Administrators can see testing activity in real-time across their entire PADnet Xpress fleet. Our secure system is HITRUST-certified.

PADnet Xpress