Article highlights patient story where PADnet was used to prevent an amputation

Published by Christian Trygstad on

A recent article in the Future Of Personal Health brought to life the story of a patient recently discovered to have PAD using PADnet.

A doctor observed a patient walking with pain, and after discussions with the patient, determined ordering a PADnet test for the patient was clinically-relevant.

The doctor’s medical assistant performed the test, and sent it to a nearby vascular specialist, Dr. Paramjit “Romi” Chopra of MIMIT Healthcare for interpretation using Biomedix’ web-based collaborative care platform.

Dr. Chopra logged into his account and was able to remotely review the test in his queue. The test included the PADnet diagnostic data as well as relevant patient history and demographics, and upon review, recommended the doctor refer the patient to a vascular specialist.

At Dr. Chopra’s office, the patient was evaluated further with duplex ultrasound, and Dr. Chopra reviewed the PADnet results and found that they were consistent with the ultrasound, and recommended an endovascular procedure.

MIMIT Healthcare specializes in minimally-invasive therapies, which are lower-cost and require less recovery time. For this particular procedure, the patient came in for the procedure, and was heading home by noon.

Dr. Chopra, by leveraging his network of referring physicians, was able to collaborate to save limbs and save lives through community-based, collaborative care.

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