Biomedix copyrights 9 quality measures for MIPS

Published by Christian Trygstad on

Biomedix is proud to announce that they have successfully submitted and received Certificates of Registration for the following publications:

  • TXu-2-084-676
  • TXu-2-084-671
  • TXu-2-084-675
  • TXu-2-084-678
  • TXu-2-084-680
  • TXu-2-084-681
  • TXu-2-084-684
  • TXu-2-084-686
  • TXu-2-084-687

These copyrighted publications were quality measures which have been approved by CMS as meeting the criteria for MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System), affecting the Medicare reimbursement rate for doctors taking care of Medicare patients.

“We know that MIPS measures are a key to modernizing the delivery of outcomes-based healthcare,” shared John Romans, CEO of Biomedix, “so we wanted to give our customers the ability to optimize patient outcomes while maximizing their MIPS quality scores.”

For the first time, doctors can use a single medical device to fully satisfy the quality portion of the MIPS program.

 “We’ve heard from a number of doctors that meeting MIPS quality measures was difficult and cumbersome,” said Chris Trygstad, Marketing and Network Director of Biomedix, “so we saw an opportunity to offer streamlined MIPS reporting on quality measures by using a diagnostic device already used by thousands of doctors.”

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