Biomedix Signs Strategic Distribution Agreement with ndd Medical

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Expands Biomedix Xchange Population Health Management Solution to Include COPD

Biomedix has announced it is entering into a strategic distribution agreement with NDD Medical, a leading provider of diagnostic technology that identifies Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Biomedix will be including the NDD Medical Easy-on PC and Easy-On Air in its roster of technologies offered to Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) and other value-based care providers, to identify another common chronic condition experienced by Medicare-aged populations.

“The integration of NDD’s diagnostic technology into our population health platform represents an important milestone for Biomedix as COPD is another chronic condition that, if detected early, can enable value-based care organizations to further improve patient outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care,” stated John Romans, CEO of Biomedix. “Considering COPD costs the US healthcare system nearly $50 billion annually, and is the 4th-leading cause of death, we believe teaming with NDD Medical will benefit our clients and the patients we collectively serve.”

“ndd has over 20 years of success in partnering with health networks, hospitals, and physicians to provide accurate and easy to use lung function testing equipment at the point of care,” said Thomas Sinclair, Senior Vice President for North America.  “Our mission of ‘early diagnosis for better lung health’ has become increasingly relevant considering the environment we are in today. This partnership with Biomedix is a key initiative as we look to impact more patient lives and decrease the burden of diagnosing COPD and other chronic lung diseases.”

“NDD Medical’s Easy-On PC spirometry solution provides a fast and accurate way to diagnose COPD,” said Rich Delperdang. “We believe our partnership with NDD addresses the unique needs associated with delivering care in the clinic as well as in member homes.”

About ndd Medical Technologies

Founded in 1992 by Professor Karl Harnoncourt, ndd Medical Technologies Inc. is the global leader and innovator in lung function testing and PFT devices. For more than 20 years, ndd has worked to improve the early detection and accurate diagnosis for people living with COPD and other chronic lung diseases with EasyOne products—by supporting research, helping to create awareness, and launching innovative products and making them available to over 100 countries.

The EasyOne product line was developed for physicians to offer accurate and reliable diagnosis at the point of care and start immediate treatment. This helps avoid irreversible lung damage for millions of patients while significantly reducing healthcare costs.

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About Biomedix

Biomedix is a provider of front-line diagnostic solutions for delivering value-based care. Biomedix Xchange is a population health solution that centralizes data for analyzing population health across multiple chronic conditions. For more information, visit

About PADnet & PADnet Xpress
Biomedix is the maker of PADnet, the market leader in front-line diagnostics for peripheral vascular disease. PADnet is the only diagnostic device that can support the identification of PAD and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) through a unique collaborative care model. PADnet Xpress represents the latest technology for quick and accurate PAD detection, custom-designed for value-based care, including Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs).

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