Biomedix PARTNERS Program

Next-gen product, new partner program

Earn rewards every time you introduce PADnet to a new customer

A next-generation product and our new PARTNERS Program

Our commitment to saving limbs and lives has led to our latest generation PADnet - the PADnet 4.0 Vascular Assessment System. In addition, we are announcing an all-new PARTNERS Program where industry members can earn incentives when teaming with us on this important mission.

A deadly chronic condition...

8-12 million Americans have Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). 75% of people with PAD have heart disease. 30% of those with PAD are likely to die from a stroke or heart attack within 5 years

Committed to saving limbs and saving lives

Biomedix's patented platform enables community-based collaborative care for the early detection of PAD, leading to high-quality, cost- effective clinical operations.

PADnet is...

Clinically Valuable

»  ABI (ankle-brachial index)

» TBI (toe-brachial index)

» PVR (pulse volume recordings)

» CVI (chronic venous insufficiency)

Easy To Use

» Uses cuffs and PPG probes

Financially Sustainable

» Supports reimbursement of CPT codes 93922, 93923, and 93924

» Identifies HCC codes 108, 107, 106 and HCC 18