Biomedix Xchange Adds Behavioral Health Reporting

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Population Health Management Solution Includes Depression and Personality Disorder Screening

Today Biomedix announced that their Xchange population health management solution now includes behavioral health reporting.

“With a long history of focusing on a chronic condition such as peripheral vascular disease, we’ve always known just how much impact behavioral health has on patient wellness,” said John Romans, CEO of Biomedix. “Collecting data from depression and personality disorder screening tools is a natural fit to providing our customers with an integrated technology solution that enables patient outcomes to be cost effectively improved without sacrificing care quality.”

Biomedix Xchange, a new population health management platform designed specifically for Medicare Advantage Organizations, includes seamless integration with PADnet Xpress for Windows, MacOS, and the proprietary Biomedix Hub. Users can shift between the PADnet Xpress mode and depression disorder as well as personality disorder screenings. Once completed, all test results are encrypted and seamlessly integrated into Biomedix Xchange, enabling a 360 view of a member’s chronic conditions as well as status in terms of behavioral health conditions.

“Biomedix Xchange also provides longitudinal reporting, enabling value-based care organizations and healthcare professionals to see the progression and status of multiple chronic conditions,” added Rich Delperdang, Chief Growth Officer at Biomedix.

To discover more about Biomedix Xchange, please contact Rich Delperdang, Chief Growth Officer at Biomedix, at

About Biomedix

Biomedix is a provider of front-line diagnostic solutions for delivering value-based care. Biomedix Xchange is a population health solution that centralizes data for analyzing population health across multiple chronic conditions. For more information, visit

About PADnet & PADnet Xpress
Biomedix is the maker of PADnet, the market leader in front-line diagnostics for peripheral vascular disease. PADnet is the only diagnostic device that can support the identification of PAD and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) through a unique collaborative care model. PADnet Xpress represents the latest technology for quick and accurate PAD detection, custom-designed for value-based care, including Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs).

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