Biomedix Xchange To Include Social Determinants of Health Reporting & Analysis

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Population Health Management Solution Continues To Expand

Twin Cities — Today Biomedix announced that the Biomedix Xchange has been expanded to enable the collection, management and analysis of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) data using PADnet Xpress.

“As a company we’re committed to helping address the healthcare inequities in under-served patient populations,” said John Romans, CEO of Biomedix. “Enabling our customers  to collect and identify SDoH data in a variety of environments, further expands the value our Xchange platform offers to  healthcare organizations and the patients served.”

Biomedix Xchange is an innovative population health management platform offering an automated interface with our PADnet Xpress PAD testing device for Windows, MacOS, and the proprietary Biomedix Hub. Users can shift between the PADnet Xpress mode and SDoH surveying. Once completed, all test results are encrypted and seamlessly integrated into Biomedix Xchange, enabling a 360-degree view of a member’s chronic conditions and behavioral health as well as SDoH information.       

“Studies have shown that identifying SDoH in populations can contribute to a 10% decrease in healthcare spending,” added Rich Delperdang, Chief Growth Officer at Biomedix. “The challenge is only 1.4% of Medicare beneficiaries are screened for SDoH and the prevalence of chronic conditions such as PAD is much higher. Enabling healthcare professionals to gather data about chronic conditions and SDoH at the point of care can help reduce the overall cost of care while optimizing member outcomes.”

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About Biomedix

Biomedix is a provider of front-line diagnostic solutions for delivering value-based care. Biomedix Xchange is a population health solution that centralizes data for analyzing population health across multiple chronic conditions. For more information, visit

About PADnet & PADnet Xpress
Biomedix is the maker of PADnet, the market leader in front-line diagnostics for peripheral vascular disease. PADnet is the only diagnostic device that can support the identification of PAD and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) through a unique collaborative care model. PADnet Xpress represents the latest technology for quick and accurate PAD detection, custom-designed for value-based care, including Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs).

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