Coffee consumption may be associated with reduced heart attack and stroke risk

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The American Heart Association has been employing machine learning to produce some encouraging research to coffee drinkers interested in their heart health

Leveraging the long-running Framingham study, machine learning techniques were leveraged to determine some observed associations between cardiovascular health and what people eat and drink.

Using these tools, they were able to discover that drinking coffee was associated with a decreased risk of developing hearth failure by 7%.

In addition, they found that stroke risk decreased by 8% with each additional cup of coffee consumed per week, compared with non-coffee drinkers.

Each additional cup of coffee per week reduces the risk of stroke by 8%
"Machine learning may a useful addition to the way we look at data and help us find new ways to lower the risk of heart failure and strokes"
David Kao, M.D.
Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, CO
Drinking coffee can decrease heart failure risk by 7%
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