COVID-19 & Biomedix

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We appreciate that many of you are experiencing unprecedented circumstances due to COVID-19. This is our first communication regarding this rapidly-developing situation, as we’ve spent the last week developing ways to assist as many of our customers in these unusual times. Please note that not all of these options may apply to your practice, but we wanted to present the community we serve with an understanding of our current offerings, so we can support your efforts to deliver care to the patients you serve in a safe and sustainable manner.

Please note that we are sharing some information that may be helpful, but we encourage you to contact your Biomedix Account Manager or our Customer Service team with any questions.

COVID-19 and PAD

Research indicates that patients with chronic conditions such as Peripheral Artery Disease are at a greater threat of mortality and other complications from COVID-19. Therefore, the continued monitoring, treatment, and management of PAD patients is critical to saving limbs and saving lives in your patient populations.

Telehealth Options

CMS has recently made sweeping changes to the telehealth rules for Medicare. It may be worth reviewing to see if you could perform remote office visits, especially on PAD patients. To help assist with these efforts, if you contact Biomedix Customer Service, they can walk you through how to pull a list of patients with abnormal PADnet studies. Note, you don’t have to be in the office to access this report. Please contact us toll free at 888-889-8997 or

Biomedix Support and Service

Please note that Biomedix Customer Support has maintained regular business hours, and has no intentions of changing our service hours or offerings in reaction to COVID-19. For employee safety, all of our customer service team is afforded the opportunity to work from home, and has the tools to safely and effectively support our customers. To confirm, these service hours are 8am – 7pm ET, Monday – Friday.

We know that although we can continue to provide the same level of support, the situation has an impact on many practices. To help, we’d like to offer service credits for customers under service. To redeem this offer, simply talk to our Support Team. To setup a time to discuss, email to discuss how this is impacting your practice, so we can evaluate options to help you through this challenging time.

If you have a PADnet where service has lapsed, we’d like to extend a complimentary 2-month service contract. Please contact to take advantage of this offer.

Legacy PADnet users

If you have an older PADnet and have patients self-isolating, you may be considering housecalls or other ways to provide care to your patients without requiring them to gather in public spaces. Our 4th-Generation PADnet fits in a backpack and may be more ideal for these situations. If you would like to explore this option, please contact Sales Team at

Vascular Specialists

Some vascular specialists may be experiencing disruption as focus on addressing COVID-19 is causing some surgical interventions to be delayed. For the interventional radiologists, cardiologists and surgeons experiencing this disruption that haven’t read a PADnet study lately, we’d like to offer a free 30-day trial of our Read program. Depending on your location, we may have some PADnet studies waiting to be read, and interpreting these studies is a great way to network with providers in your catchment area, and explore collaborations that optimize patient outcomes.

We will continue to identify ways to support you in your efforts to save limbs and lives in your community in a safe and cost-effective manner and wish you, your families, and your patients the very best during these challenging times.

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