PADnet now features specialist-optimized HL7 interfacing

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PADnet now features specialist-optimized HL7 interfacing

We are excited to announce the latest technology advancement available to our PADnet readers.

The most recent version of our EMR integration feature now includes coding information to automate the billing of PADnet studies. This makes it easier than ever to read PADnet studies.

Biomedix has many vascular specialists using PADnet in their practices to perform ABIs and PVRs prior to progressing to duplex ultrasound or other advanced diagnostics. PADnet is designed to be deployed at the point-of-care, which can include primary care practices, and using our unique collaborative care platform, are able to send the demographic, insurance and diagnostic data to a nearby vascular specialist. The vascular specialist can remotely interpret the study and engage with the provider on care planning, which could include a consult at the specialist office.

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