Research study reveals podiatric services help save limbs, lives and money

Published by Christian Trygstad on

A 2017 study by the NYSPMA (New York Podiatric Medical Association) reveal some interesting facts that indicate podiatric treatment can lower healthcare costs while improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

This research-based study was performed by a third-party consulting firm as a response to an effort to redesign New York’s Medicaid program towards value-based payments.

The firm found that podiatric services may reduce hospitalizations related to obesity by 19%, and hospitalizations related to diabetes by 37%.

Podiatric services saving over $1 billion in healthcare costs related to the  hospitalizations of obese patients

According to the State of Obesity report, 39% of new Yorkers are obese. Considering that the study found that podiatric services could reduce subsequent inpatient admissions for obese patients, it could be a reduction of 36,000 inpatient admissions, saving $1.1 billion in healthcare costs for the state of New York. 

Podiatric services reducing costs and optimizing outcomes for diabetic patients

The treatment and multiple readmission of diabetics diagnosed with foot ulcers contribute significantly to healthcare costs in the state of New York.

However, according to the study, diabetics who received podiatry services had a 37% reduction in the odds that a subsequent inpatient admission would require an inpatient admission for foot ulcers, estimated to be a reduction of 13,500 inpatient admissions, for a cost savings of $510 million in healthcare costs in one year. 

A recent study examined the impact podiatric services had on healthcare costs in New York