Type 2 diabetes screening may lead to savings in healthcare costs

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New research  suggests that screening adults aged 40-65, especially high-risk patients, for type 2 diabetes leads to lower healthcare costs.

The study was conducted in Denmark, and results were published in Diabetologia. Of a cohort of approximately 2 million individuals who didn’t have diabetes at the beginning of the study, 153,107 patients were screened with a blood test, and the remaining patients remaining in the no-screening control group.

In the post-hoc analysis, results indicated that  individuals in the screening group had diabetes detected earlier. As a results patients in the group that got screened got earlier treatment, which included advice about healthy behaviors, which lead to fewer hospital admissions, clinic visits, and prescription drug costs. This led to a $3,300 average per patient savings over 5 years if the patient was screened for type 2 diabetes.  

Type 2 diabetes is a widespread chronic condition, and like other chronic conditions, such as peripheral artery disease, early detection leads to the opportunity to more cost-effectively control the progression of the chronic conditions through interventions such as lifestyle modifications.

5-year per patient average savings in healthcare costs, for those screened for type 2 diabetes
Aarhus University
"A single round of diabetes screning and cardiovascular risk assessment, was associated with a 16% risk reduction in cardiovascular disease and a 21% reduction in all-cause mortality"
Torsten Lauritzen, MD, DMSc
Aarhus University

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