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Biomedix copyrights 9 quality measures for MIPS

Biomedix is proud to announce that they have successfully submitted and received Certificates of Registration for the following publications: TXu-2-084-676 TXu-2-084-671 TXu-2-084-675 TXu-2-084-678 TXu-2-084-680 TXu-2-084-681 TXu-2-084-684 TXu-2-084-686 TXu-2-084-687 These copyrighted publications were quality measures which have been approved by CMS …

Infographic: PAD big 4 factors

Infographic: Harvard Study Clarifies Risk of PAD

New Biomedix infographic featuring the results of a study published in JAMA about peripheral artery disease (PAD), and confirms the importance of prevention, focusing on four main risk factors that not only contribute to the prevalence of PAD, but also heart disease and stroke